What we do

Web and Mobile Apps

Your idea, our solution. Your business, our technology. Your journey, our road map on a platform of your choice – Web, Android, iOS. Marketable products with a technical advice to back your product, and a consultation worth the price.

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Get both ready to use and custom developed solutions in eCommerce for Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento. Reach out to us for cart to cart migrations, Mobile Commerce Applications, payment gateway integrations and more!

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Let’s walk and talk through images, fonts and typography –
We have designers PAN India for an end to end branding experience. UX Research, Mood Boards, Product Storyline – combined with what ticks makes for a fantastic product design.

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Completed Cases

Why Choose us


Our core team comes with an experience of about 25+ years. Having worked with Brands like VMWare, NetApp, Hitachi, Nexant, TechM and SMBs in 7 geographies, our senior team provides the exposure of good work ethic and market research. Moreover, if you have a team, and you need tech advise from a CTO perspective, do drop a line – ’cause we love problem solving.


When you are dealing with technology, the same solution can be brought about by a varied number of technologies and you should talk to people of the field before consulting the next door vendor. For instance, when is a CMS the best option? Why is everybody hooting about nerwer technologies like the MEAN stack? Which payment gateway suits you better?

Market Research

We take pride in good market research and examples from the web, which form the basis of our designs. The online story telling process needs to be better than your competition and your set of screens can make just the right difference. Exploring an idea, get to know at least 10 different apps already with the same idea and pick your story to match all of them, and beyond!


Rest assured, we present to you certified testers, certified developers and product owners from some of the best product companies in India. Our team is certified in ISTQB, Scrum Management, Magento, Shopify and other technologies, still counting. While the badge might not mean anything to the end user, it sure ensures a smooth ride for the client and developer. That’s what we all want, right?

Strategy Development

What we insist on is a plan instead of hurried unplanned work. Know why strategy is important. Our solutions lead to design thinking, and providing a tech end to a business problem. The problem-solution-design approach is always helpful in achieving what we wish to. 

Good strategy is the antidote to competition. This process includes market and competitive research as well as an assessment of the company’s capabilities and the industry forces impacting it. For mobile apps, we provide an edge in strategy by giving what we call a bonus landing page development for better marketing. Landing pages, are better ways to bring people onto your app.

Social Media is about good content, well timed with a match of the right audience. Understanding content calendars, themes, sites for public listing etc.is an important step in a good social media plan. We understand and appreciate this in depth and discuss and implement a human approach to marketing. Plan and sell to humans, not brands – so that the audience has a smile on their face whenever they see your brand.In a world, where people bid for technology at the lowest and the highest rates, quality makes for a huge factor in choosing your vendor. So how would you know who’s giving you a better product? See the designs and content, because chances are, that similar products already exist, and your UX and content will differentiate why the end user comes back to you and not a messy site.