On Demand Service Hire Framework

On Demand Service Marketplace Platform
We got multiple requests for on an demand service marketplaces. These requests were often type cast into gigs marketplaces, marketplaces for odd jobs, marketplaces for salons etc. Since the basic was the same, we decided to come up with a reusable framework.

The effort vastly simplified our own selling for future clients of the same kind. The same framework fits into an Upwork clone. The same framework fits into a clone of Urban Clap(hire on demand for services).


If you need to understand the context and importance of service marketplaces, take a look here: Forbes On How Important Marketplaces are

Features Of The Service Marketplace

The main features of this marketplace are

  • The teams focused their efforts on making a fiverr clone where the framework/service marketplace platform could be enhanced with
    • Buy & Sell Marketplace
    • Services Marketplace
    • Chat system for Marketplace
    • Multi Currency Marketplace
    • Multi Language Marketplace
  • We Managed To Make It Specific For:
    • Travel Marketplace
    • Food Marketplace
    • eLearning Marketplace
    • Pet care Service Marketplace
  • Optimize the supply chain for perfect order planning:

    The system was appropriately handled for supply chain mechanisms including advanced features like Admin Commissions & Subscription.

For a ready to use app, check our clone apps section or contact us now.

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