Handling Programmable SMS APIs

Communication APIs

  • The agency needed a one way communication,
  • Less emphasis on VOIP and more on transnational messaging,
  • Emphasizing that MMS and two way communications would never be needed,
  • Email templating would be a huge plus.
  • Regional communication was an important consideration for the client

Considering  the above pre-requisites, we recommended msg91.


The workflow was an integral part of the whole contract with our client.

  • Basics Steps:

    The strategic places where the customer needed a message or an email, was a UX decision that was shouldered on us, in the solution design part.

  • Who is the customer:

    Assessment of who the customer is an important step to understand before integrating any API for messaging and here’s why: different streams of customers respond to different ways of communication – like VOIP, messaging, emails, transnational messages, scheduler messages and so on. Dividing audiences into verticals, was the first basic step that I, as a CTO took for this project.

  • Chat bots:
    The project evolved into a small chatbot of sorts where the user was presented many options for a wholesome customer experience.
  • Integrating the API

    The API is easy to integrate using its documentation and overtime, msg91 became one of our trusted solutions to develop applications for seamless communication integrations.

Key Takeaways

What really helped the client’s customer was

  • Dynamically Construct-able Email Templates
  • Push Notification API, integrated with the web product
  • Verification Of Accounts
  • Real-time email traffic monitoring
  • WhatsApp Templates for communication

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