Doctor Directory Apps

Doctor Directoty

Directory Systems For All Purposes

Directory Apps have some common features and while we were at it, we tailored a doctor directory app into a common reusable framework with features to match common requirements:

  • Hyper local search
  • Appointments & Service On Request
  • Revenue
  • Dashboard Per Doctor/User
  • Admin Panel
  • Rating Systems/General Reviews
  • mCommerce

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The journey in Brief

Our journey was more of a business solution pointing out strategic ways of helping the medical community reach their target audience and vice versa.

The designs started with wireframes as usual, and the challenge in this app, was that the already existing market for the app was over 102524 customers that the brand had catered to in various places such as Panama, Peru, Mexico etc.

The client signed us up for the website as well, and we delivered a few branding graphics as well.

Subscriber Only Plans

Going beyond intuition and experience, and supporting their idea with fact-based market research. We gave access to fee-based, subscriber-only resources which added value to the client’s digital journey.

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