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The image of a company and its branding is very important. Would you want to work with a consultation company whose office was in shambles? If you are an excellent company with a bad image or appearance then you may have loyal clients but new clients will be hard to get. That is where digital media apps step in: be it branding websites, blogging, news feed, sports feed or the like – an app that rests solely on the digital media, and has no offline backup has to be more careful about its digital presence.

For digital media companies however, what works is the ability to write well, present well, understand scroll behavior, keep a track of the user’s eye navigation through the app, and keep cornerstone content where it needs to be. Our solutions and their designs were kept in mind using these and other key factors.

Distribution of Digital Media Audience

  • By Age
  • By Interest
  • By Engagement

The challenge is to bring customers who would download your app, and retain the download. Working on the UX, Solution Mapping and Implementation is not enough in such cases. The real challenge is to solve problems of losing customers in a competitor market. The way this turned out to be, we categorized a few major problems in our journey

  • Optimising Feed Queries for News Feed Apps:

    Be it polling apps, news feed apps, or cricket score apps, the faster the feed runs, the better the response of the market. In a heavily changing market and with 5000+ hits on the server, it was hard to manage optimisation.

  • Determine the right audience:

    Designing for the right audience seemed daunting at first, for every set of audience comes with its own set of likes and dislikes. We crossed that barrier when we finally realized that if we make the app engaging, and interest targeted – we cross audience barriers of age, geography and usage history.

  • Download Retention:

    The diagnostic determined the stressors that affected downloads. This was a huge challenge because uninstalling the app can happen for any reason – device memory, poor content strategy, poor UX or just anything to do with the idea. In spite of all these reasons, the responsibility of the technical team is huge and so it was on us to walk step to step with the client, in order to launch our project.

The solution was to bring a company whose web presence was boring, right in the arena and up to date. We did quite a job to ensure that when the user downloaded their app they felt positive about the brand and the company. Even though most customers will judge you based on appearance alone, each and every part of the app mattered when winning over a new customer:

  • Our UI informed our UX:

    Carefully researched UI techniques, user constraints and mappings led to what we call the informed UX – the typography, images, layout and colors led to happiness, and a commanding impression on the users about the brand whose content they were presented. Since this case, was of digital media, it was our responsibility that even poorly framed content came out highlighted with easy to use features.

  • Optimizing MySQL Database:

    Database Caching, Connection Pooling, Database Clustering, Query Optimisation and many other factors helped us to overcome database challenges like The need to simplify data access, Slow processing queries etc.

  • Server Optimizing Journey:

    Monitoring Linux using the HTOP command was a crucial part of the server optimization journey, soon after we helped the client narrow down between server choices of the cloud, dedicated and shared hosting.

The result is an in-house reusable framework that we recommend to most of our users, which has been tried and tested for many digital media apps. Some of the salient features that it gives are –

  • Well Integrated with the Social Cloud:

    The Social Cloud is in. It’s the voice of the day, and what’s demanded on the table. Our framework, integrates with YouTube, WordPress, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, Sound Cloud, WooCommerce and much much more.

  • Scalable:

    Built using Node.JS and PHP, our solution was a hybrid solution that introduced scalability into a digital media app, whereby the client himself could add a few more creative options given a back end of highly user friendly administrator options.

  • All sets of Audience:

    All sets of audience gave a good feedback, and teens loved it.

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