An App For Community Challenges


An App For Community Challenges

The client wanted to monetize the community’s habit of getting together. Fraternizing for a cause, fun or social presence is a good way of engaging and bringing communities together for neighborhood challenges was our clien’t way of achieving the same purpose.

Our approach in this consultation was wholesome, and with our client we equally took part in defining the database in the form of the client’s market – the likely end users. The next step to systematically communicate with them, and get them to download the app was done effectively by our market research for advertising.

Advertising, social media presence and campaigns are more fruitful if carried out in coordination with the technology team, and it pays to get a good competitor research done too! After client prospecting, this was the second most important step in which we helped the client, to get his customers.

Next came the designs, and as mentioned above – we made it a point to use constraint and freedom in the right balance to onboard customers. See the full designs on Invision, with the link above.

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Business planning & strategy

The value addition that we brought to the client was in terms of the design, user experience and optimization/search of video and display of challenge feed. The designs :

  • invite the users to create more challenges from the home screen
  • attract and retain quality, highly-engaging customers
  • enable the right placement of ads and hence the revenue
  • direct the users to in app purchases clearly
  • maintain the rght balance of icons and text
  • promote sharing

Working on your requirements upto 80% more than implementation is how you make all the difference.

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Competitor research & analysis

With just one competitor in the market(from Australia), it was an early bird idea that had come on to our team and was our responsibility to capture interest early on in the game.

Business plan ; Pitch Statement

A strong factor in liking the app, was to maintain the history of challenges and maintaining competitions, referring users, growing the networks, follows and so on. It was a great journey in community building through mobile apps, and a cherish-able one considering server side optimization too.

All of this had to be presented well in the pitch statement for investors to be confident in the market viability of the app. Since the client was not acquainted with design, making pitch statements, outlining branding solutions, and the whole road map was in our hands.