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Interested in making the world wide web look better? Want to know what goes behind front end development – HTML/CSS templates, typography, designs, modals, navigation, forms, carousels and lots lots more. Learn the most loved framework for Front End Development – with us, from engineers who’ve been there, done that.


The browser understands only markup. And hypertext markup language is THE language of the web. Learn what tags and elements make up the document object model and see how it takes you from strength to strength in your next dream job.


The web is nothing until you’ve said it in style. Help us make you style your web page better. Learn what goes into positioning all pieces of the puzzle and making them look beautiful. Highly recommended for people who want to know the core of modern CSS frameworks like Bootstrap.



One of the most loved and popular platforms – PHP, a language that survived 7 versions and still counting – its knowledge can help you empower – functionality of high end apps, straight on the server.


Complete the server side knowledge with one database, which has survived the test of time and is still continued. Learn querying the database for information, processing raw data and see how data driven apps empower the world wide web today.

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