eCommerce – Woo Commerce Shopify and Magento

Talk to us, if launching a retail store online. WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento are something we specialise in, and eCommerce strategies come naturally to us, with certified developers in house.

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We work with our clients and do a deep analysis of their creative solution. We help prepare possible outcomes to different decisions, different ways of story telling online, developing a product – cum – client experience, with ways to keep your customer coming back for more!

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Web Gap Analysis and Quality Assurance

Companies dislike regular mundane testing to be performed in house, and that is why they outsource testing processes while they can concentrate on their business idea. Codnostic Solutions has had experience in testing mid level, and enterprise applications for various parameters, including but not limited to: load and performance, bugs and defects, ui and ux, content, functionality and many others, in both manual and automation testing.

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Technical Content

I’ve authored with Apress, DZone, Atlassian. I’m on way to author with Wiley, Manning and many more international publications regarding technical content. If you know what you want me to talk about, I can be your technical shadow writer, because I know exactly how to talk about it.

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Technology Consultation

Management is the single most important part of the whole process, poor management can result in a lot of lost time and money. And that is why I decided to take up this new service, where I setup in house technical teams, and provide management as a service, to manage teams and the SDLC

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Mobile Apps Development

Mobile apps development, is the present of technology evolution. Uniqueness and creativity – in one small package – with astounding results. We give you a solution, and if your passion is enough to play the game, be ready for the ROI.

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Social Media Strategy

We give you the road map, providing you engagement strategies, content calendars, exciting theme based campaigns, and creative ways of keeping your content walls ticking. Talk to your customers, not just the old brand way – the new human way!

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Our videos cover doodles, product walkthroughs and seminar scripts where you leave your impact on your audience,

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Hosting, cPanel & Server Administration

Find less known factors that are talked about while choosing servers and talk to us now. We manage end to end servers, optimize queries, monitor usage, manage deployments, provide site health reports and maintenance tasks.

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Business Analysis

The right pitch presented with the right design, market research, highlights, insights, future vision and pricing – will convince your investors, or customers about your idea, service or product.

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