Benefits Of Web Gap Analysis

After our web gap analysis you’ll be able to to:

  • Answer Customer Centric Questions on your site
  • Access Key Take-backs from Market Competitors
  • Restructure Your Navigation
  • Increase digital credibility
  • Measure your page speed for better performance, and see how SEO friendly the site currently is
  • Present Statistical Information For A  Lasting Impact
  • Present Good Landing Pages, with effective branding elements

We help companies pivot into more profitable directions where they can expand and grow. It is inevitable that companies will end up making a few mistakes and missing out on key digital presence factors; we help them correct these mistakes.

Web Gaps In Quality

  • Page Speed Insights
  • Server Monitoring
  • Script Evaluation

With our web gap analysis, we answer strategic questions that the website does not answer for the customer.

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Relevant Experience in Automation Testing

We’ve worked with Selenium Automation for many clients

  • Wipro – Static Pages Content Validation for Wipro Earth – Tech Stack: WhatIR
  • NVIDIA – eCommerce UI Validation – Tech Stack: Selenium(JAVA)
  • NetApp – Content filling- Tech Stack: Selenium(JAVA)
  • Apress Media – Technical Review – Tech Stack: WebDriver IO

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