Technology Consultation

CTO, Founder - Codnostic | Tech Author | Consultant

Range of markets

I can help you plan and establish your technical teams in a way that maximizes outcomes. Too many companies reach success once but then end up floundering. The reason is that these companies did not plan with any strategy in mind. Following are the areas where I have proven expertise

  • Technical Content – Article and News research, Tech Authoring, Technical Reviewing, Book Reviews and Proof Reading
  • Solution Mapping – This involves complete detailing of your idea into workflows and interfaces, through prototypes and wireframes
  • Technical Implementation– I can setup a team, or head a team for end to end project execution
  • CMS and cPanel Management  – I’ve handled many CMSes, ranging from WordPress, Magento, Shopify to higher level enterprise CMSes – AEM 6
  • Platforms on Web
    • JAVA Based Enterprise Work  – Having worked in Java Web for 10+ years, I can support and maintain various projects including those in JIVE, Selenium, Spring and any other framework based on JAVA.
    • MEAN Stack– Node.js Restful Web Services
    • LAMP Stack – PHP and Linux web apps
  • Mobile Apps– With a good market analysis report “slices”, and design – I’ve headed mobile app development for two years for Android and iOS native.
  • Graphic Design – My designs are hosted on Invision, and you can always get on a quick call to take a look at the designs as well as bring new ideas to life – letting me sync your UI and UX together.

Range of markets

digital media

Thriving markets, crowded space, dynamism and trendiness – it’s all there in the digital media market if you need to stand out from your competitors.

aggregator apps

Marketplace apps, sophisticated searches, complex UI and UX and smooth purchase functions – this and a lot more when you’re making a marketplace of … say, restaurants, doctors, salons.


Branding Elements like calls to action, Banners, Announcement Ribbons – if you’ve not noticed those tiny details – but it’s been part of my job and together I’ve made many a web presence look better.


eCommerce is one my favourite domains to consult in. It takes pure strategy to understand the customer’s pulse in assessing your product, placements and interests. Getting the customer to but through meaningful design is what I love doing as part of technical consultation.

Reliable & Safe

Financial Regulation

The milestones at which finance is exchanged with my customers is always declared in advance. With complete transparency about how your finance is being used, your application journey is in good hands.

Cancel Anytime

Even though the advance payable is not refunded to the client, all my contracts are ‘cancel anytime’ contracts with flexibility assured to the client.

Thorough Requirement Analysis

I take pride in my requirement specification which ultimately becomes the building block of my future work in the project journey.

Gap Analysis

Working on existing systems has always begun with a gap analysis for me and I’ve introduced my customers to the gaps that their existing web presence has, before they proceed further. This gives the client an insight rather than a tech talk feeling, assuring him that his product is in the hands of someone who knows the domain, not just the code.