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Author: Kanika Sud
Been working in the technology sector for over 11 years. Talk to me about tech books, courseware, UX strategies, automation and software processes, backend technologies and server administration. I love conversation and ideas. So you've reached the right place, if you want to research and create!

I provide authoring services for blogs and books, technical and otherwise. Since this is more about technical services, reach out to me for what you want to pen down, and I’ll do it for you – promising good content all the way along!!

I have been a technical reviewer at Apress, reviewing books on professional industry software thereby creating good content for readers and keeping that as a single motto all along! My services include proofreading/reviewing, editing, outlining/setting the road map.

If you need content in terms of infographics or explanatory walkthroughs, contact us.

Publishers I've Worked With


Apress, Springer Nature

Manning Publications

Manning Publications

Bit Bucket Atlassian

What's Best

Backed by 11+ years of experience, my content has been published by leading names across the world.

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With my writing, you’ll need no repetitive intervention or correction and you’ll also get a fair order execution.

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Reader Friendly Content packed with examples from the industry – a recipe for good learning.

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