Hosting, cPanel & Server Administration


Hosting, cPanel & Server Administration

Choosing the right host can have long lasting impact. I’ve seen clients choosing the next closest name they’ve heard of as their hosting provider. It doesn’t work for them when they recognize into server optimization issues, dedicated vs. shared hosting, renewal costs, mail boxes, user friendly panels, traffic oriented cost per resource plans and the like.

Look into important parameters of hosting and server administration with us, and then come aboard.

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Understanding the Options

Server Options

Cloud Hosting is a natural choice when you want the servers to handle unpredictable traffic, but bear the costs of pay per use.

Dedicated Servers are where all the server related resources such as CPU power, RAM, bandwidth are dedicated singly.

Shared hosting server resources are shared for optimal use and are the best for use in startups, where economy is a major concern. 

Understanding the Problems

Some key areas to understand are:

  • Handling Concurrent Users
  • Faster Results vs. Cost to Scale
  • Media Handling
  • Monitoring Usage

Research beyond the business plan

Make sure you talk to your vendor about things like CPU usage, backups, database optimization and ask for reports. A good vendor will always give transparent reports and make sure that you understand these factors. Find time for these, even if you’ve outsourced your tech baby.

Scaling for extremely high reads can be costly and may require a number of database read-replicas to deliver in terms of requests per second.

When you’re beginning your business, it’s easy to fall for the next affordable hosting and skip basics like security and performance. You can take a look at options like Code Guard and Site Lock for security, especially of you’re taking a shared hosting. For application hosting, make sure you invest in SQL injection attacks and so on.

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