How do Dedicated Servers propel your business’ growth ? Let us explain

The market has gone agile and so has the explosive demand for on-demand servers so that organizations can focus on what they should be – their COE. With millions of businesses joining the online community, a plethora of service providers offering server space on rent has gained tremendous traction over the past one decade while the numbers will only grow in 2019.

Exclusive IP Address

Though cost-effective, shared hosting has its limitations and may not complement all business setups. There are in fact instances where sharing your server space with other websites can push your data towards malware vulnerability and other hacks. Any site with pornographic content or the one that is spammed and sharing space with you will nearly kill your search engine rankings. Moreover, your website may get blocked followed by email newsletters ending up in spam folders.
Dedicated server space delivers an exclusive online presence with a unique IP address at your service. Noteworthy, you need an SSL for credit card processing if your website caters to millions of visitors in routine (an e-commerce business or a highly popular blog) and that can only be achieved on a dedicated server.

Hassle-free Maintenance

All Dedicated Server providers offer 24×7 technical support to receive timely grievances and act instantly. Since your IT team may not be available on demand to investigate and rectify, service providers are quick in performing server maintenance tasks such as local updates and running anti-virus scans. Your in-house teams can capitalize on the time and focus on core business tasking. However, small-scale businesses that do not have the resources but have a critical online project in place can benefit the most from this mode of server access. In addition to ensuring that additional websites are not killing your server space, the service provider will build, maintain and replace the server equipment without impacting your business runtime. Higher ROI is guaranteed!

Enhanced Security

Since no one else but you has access to your server, Dedicated Servers are a step ahead in assuring astute fortification to your business data. That is, it allows putting customized security schemes in place. Firstly, bad scripts in execution in the neighboring website won’t fluctuate the bandwidth or slow your server down. Secondly, you get to control the Firewall settings as per your website’s performance and thus follow well-regulated safety standards exclusive to your business. Moreover, fighting cyber-attacks becomes seamless, and the same gets hugely imperative if you are handling critical transactions over the SSL or FTP. Ultimately, all Dedicated Servers are in full compliance with the ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards’ that help strengthen trust in high-value monetary transactions.

Utmost Control Over Administrative Root Access

The Holy Grail of Dedicated Servers is this – absolute administrative control over the processes. Businesses whether small or big prefer controlling the server configuration and tune it as per their requirements. Subsequently, such authority means monitoring the server performance, track every user and thus identify potential risks that may creep in the site. The flexibility doesn’t end here! You can customize the server, decide user roles, user groups, authorize file/folder permissions and control the firewall rules as well; so that optimal performance of the RAM, CPU and disk space can be obtained

You may switch amongst different operating systems and also govern the priority of applications in case of a deadlock. Most importantly, troubleshooting the website gets more effective with complete access to the server logs. So, be it developing a ‘reverse proxy’ or working on your private ‘Minecraft box,’ such decentralized root access to the server empowers you to create, alter and delete processes the way you want to.


Complementary Allied Services

Dedicated Servers come attached with a bundle of allied services to the paid server space. These mainly include a mail server with a webmail client for business communication, tools to monitor web marketing campaigns, support tools to address grievances of your online customers and many more. Not to miss, you may also seek proactive monitoring report of your server usage and performance which is mostly conducted every 1 hour. This will keep you posted about any potential server health issues and if higher level tech support of the service provider is needed.
However, not all Dedicated Server providers offer these services, and you may have to perform rigorous research before committing to a long-term subscription.

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