Codnostic’s journey started with building technology apps for clients worldwide, and has recently expanded to content marketing and in-house digital solutions and products as well.

From the CTO’s Desk

I started my career with enterprise level clients like VMWare, Hitachi, NetApp. I’ve worked for the e Governance sector in India, moved on to the SMB(small and medium business sector) apps, which is as dynamic as can be  and I am on my way to becoming an author of technical books and videos.

The Codnostic Portfolio is the right blend of web and mobile app, design and content. We have behind us, years full of good work and ahead of us – a promising partnership with all who are looking for good stable products. Welcome, on board!

My mission

My mission is to solve business problems with technical solutions, and add to the creative web.

Achieving My Mission

Knowing our clients’ brands inside – out to create bespoke campaigns that bring the brand story to life, engage with consumers and inspire the media, is part of a larger picture that I’d like to present to my clients. We speak of holistic solutions. An integration of the right kind of market research, and implementation. I span my work across India, with teams on-roll and virtual and stage the process with agile development, and transparent delivery plans for the benefit of all parties. 

My experience

Web Apps 90%
Mobile Apps 90%
Design 90%
Content 90%
Marketing 40%

Looking for a Technology Advisor?

Or maybe closing leads, deciding tech content, solution design and implementation?