Application Development Essentials

The best tools and approaches at your disposal.

Cloud Storage

Team Codnostic walks you through different ways of storing data and your application. Meet, the cloud. We make sure that your data is served optimally and in a pricing plan you can afford.


Hello, Geo-fencing and Hyperlocal search. Since the future of the web is in regional marketing, you will most likely need hyperlocal search, geo-fencing, sophisticated search filters. Don't let your application miss out on what's possible! Explore - with us.


Your app performance will depend a lot on query optimisation, page speed, image optimisation, script minification. Don't let the tech guy next door confuse you. Make sure you understand and then jump in.


Your notifications management system will ensure how well your website or mobile app is retained by an existing customer. Explore the nuances of what's the latest in the world of talking to your customers through notifications.


Explore Vulnerability Risks. Make sure your application is tested for leaks in SQL injection, against hackers and is full of server security.


Follow, what UX design practices - led by practitioners certified by the University of Minnesota. Lead your customers through a smooth journey from one call to action to another. Walk and talk through your app.